Harajuku Dreamland: Guide to Takeshita St.

Harajuku Dreamland: Guide to Takeshita St.

Takeshita Street, Harajuku is a girly girl’s dreamland. From clothing to beauty items, lolitas and gothic lolitas, purikura’s, and delicious cute foods, this street is the place to visit for all things kawaii. The street is about 400 meters long and is jam packed with people taking photos, shopping, or taking it all in. Harajuku is famous for fashion trendy teens who would dress in a variety of styles that showcase creativity and fun! Though some of the major styles most people associate with Harajuku are now disappearing (Gyaru, B-Gal, Ganguro, etc.) I saw 3 styles when I visited Takeshita Street. These fashions were:

Sweet Lolita:

Sweet Lolita Harajuku

Photo credit: Mehmet Aktugan via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

This style features cute pastel dresses decked out with laces, pearls, and bows. It takes on a modern girly twist of the Victorian fashions of the 1800s that feature doll-like makeup and big hair with lots of curls. A cute accessory such as a teddy bear backpack complements the look all together. It’s my personal favorite!

Gothic Lolita:

Gothic Lolita

Photo credit: vapourtrails via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Similiar with a few differences from Sweet Lolita, this style features dresses of darker or punk-like hues like blacks, browns, reds, and blues. This style can still be feminine, but has a Gothic appearance complete with darker makeup.


Harajuku School Girl

Photo credit: koyaman3422 via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

The quintessential high school look you see in the animes and mangas. The Japanese school uniform including short skirts, cardigan, and puffy socks. Side note: I’m sure the girls styling the look were ACTUAL students…and playing hooky seeing that I visited Takeshita late in the morning??


The sides of the street are lined with cute stores from cell phone cases to clothing and foods!

Harajuku Crepes

Personal Tips for Takeshita Street

  1. Most of the workers in the stores spoke some English, so if you do visit you shouldn’t have a problem buying things. Card is also accepted at majority of these stores, however some only take cash. Be sure to travel with additional yen so you can buy that cute dress you’ve been eyeing!
  2. I cannot stress this enough, WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. I tried to be cute and wear heels (small-mid sized okay?) and before I knew it my feet were calling it quits. I know you want to look cute and take photos at purikura, but only do so if you know you can handle the walk. Takeshita St is only 400 meters but with crowds, you may be stopping and going frequently. Plus there are many other stores in the vicinity and you may want to venture out of Takeshita St. Okay, still look cute and at least be smarter than me and take a pair of flats.
  3. Have you been to Takeshita Street? What tips do you think are important? I would love to hear them! Comment below!

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