The Move to Dallas…Stress-Free?

The Move to Dallas…Stress-Free?

Since I could remember, my family has moved every 1 to 2 years, one military base to another. Because we had the military help us move free of charge, (and because I was a carefree lil’ thing) I didn’t fully grasp how stressful moving could be.

The week before Christmas, I packed up my belongings, threw away and donated a ton of things, and was on the 13-hour way to Dallas, Texas. My mother shared the drive with me, and Lucy (my sweet kitty!) was bundled up comfortably in the back. The drive wasn’t so bad, but the unloading…my Lord. I never knew I had so much crap. Figuring out where I need to put things and into which places- ugh.

One thing when I search for an apartment..

  1. Is the rent reasonable?
  2. Is there enough light entering the apartment?
  3. Hardwood floors – IT BETTER BE A YES
  4. Is it close to my job, eateries, fun, etc?

#2 and #3 have become big deciders for my apartment. The place I stay at now has so much light enter the apartment that it looks like the gates of heaven have opened (it’s that bright in the mornings). This temporary apartment also has hardwood floors, which I absolutely L.O.V.E. The floors are always easier to clean and you can buy a cute rug to match the decor of the room! Not to forget #4 apartment location which is also extremely important in my apartment search, but if I could have the first 3, I would be ecstatic!


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