I know, I know, it’s been A WHILE since I’ve posted. Life and work has its way of rearing it’s ugly little head in and I tucked this cherished blog into the dark corners of my mind. A couple weeks ago I decided to check Analytics to see if my blog had any traffic. While the data was loading, I said to myself, “I haven’t posted in MONTHS, no one is checking for me or this blog.” BOY WAS I WRONG. I had a significant amount of traffic coming to… View Post

Since I could remember, my family has moved every 1 to 2 years, one military base to another. Because we had the military help us move free of charge, (and because I was a carefree lil’ thing) I didn’t fully grasp how stressful moving could be. The week before Christmas, I packed up my belongings, threw away and donated a ton of things, and was on the 13-hour way to Dallas, Texas. My mother shared the drive with me, and Lucy (my sweet kitty!) was bundled up comfortably in the back. The drive… View Post

  My mom bought me this cute little life planner for Christmas, and it is lovely!  It contains over 30 quotes, monthly reflections, checklists and planning goals for your next year. Here is a quote from the CEO of the company. Living Intentionally: “It was September… where did this year go? What did I do this year? What did I do last month? What did I do yesterday? Amidst the craziness of life, I realized that I was getting buried in daily tasks and losing sight of things in my life… View Post