Being the highest point in Seoul, Namsan Tower (aka the North Seoul Tower) is a place to see beautiful scenery, nature, and all that Seoul has to offer. Once at the top of the tower, they have restaurants and souvenirs that you can indulge in. The most special part is the love locks that surround the tower! Stay tuned to see more 🙂 Namsan Trail I was actually lucky to be so close to the tower. One of the entrances to the trail for the tower is actually behind Dongguk… View Post

Nails are a big thing in Seoul, with several nail shops located in Itaewon, near Ewha Women’s University, Gangnam, Myeongdong, even one in my little college division on Jung-gu ro. Koreans are always up to trend with the latest fashions, and nails are no exception. They had all types of designs including gradation – which is an ombre effect, reverse french tip, and the oh-cute Swarovski crystal nails! I knew I wanted to go to the nail salon and get my nails done but was shocked at the end result..… View Post

South Korea will always be dear to me. Being a black female in Korea definitely has its perks, but can also be mentally tough. Most situations where my skin color had been mentioned brought on the most interesting conversations that I never would have had in the States. Koreans would tell me my skin was pretty, I looked like Beyonce’ (…mhhm, I know.) to little kids on the escalator pointing at me saying “chocolate! chocolate!” Not to mention every time I went to the hip hop clubs I was complimented… View Post