After years of dreaming of Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Spending countless hours online looking at Lolita fashion and Japanese clothes…THE TIME HAD COME. I found a $500 round-trip ticket from DFW -> NRT around the same exact time the Cherry Blossoms were to bloom. Can you say a dream come true? I immediately jumped on the deal. Did I have a place to stay? No. What about your job? I would figure it out. When ticket prices to Japan average $900+ I just knew that this was meant to be. And… View Post

The sandy beaches. The gorgeous architecture. The rolling landscapes. These are the things you hear about the most when others travel. The physical aspect. But there’s so much more to traveling that most people can’t express: the life-changing lessons, and this is what makes traveling so rewarding. Here are some reasons why I travel, and why I encourage you to as well. The media will never give you the whole picture This is by far the most accurate saying I’ve heard. While volunteering to tutor English to foreign college students, I… View Post

Henry and I had a free day on Sunday, so we decided to visit the Dothan Botanical Gardens. Located just off highway 431, the botanical garden is regularly used as a wedding venue. While there, we even saw some people taking professional photos, probably for the announcement of a baby or an engagement. Rose Garden Though it’s almost December, the gardens had a lot of flowers that were blooming. The volunteers do a great job tending and caring for the flowers, even when they’re not in season. My favorite place in… View Post

Nails are a big thing in Seoul, with several nail shops located in Itaewon, near Ewha Women’s University, Gangnam, Myeongdong, even one in my little college division on Jung-gu ro. Koreans are always up to trend with the latest fashions, and nails are no exception. They had all types of designs including gradation – which is an ombre effect, reverse french tip, and the oh-cute Swarovski crystal nails! I knew I wanted to go to the nail salon and get my nails done but was shocked at the end result..… View Post

When people think of vacations, they tend to visualize dreamy beaches with white sand, palm trees with hammocks, laying out and enjoying the scenery with a mimosa in hand. Though the beach can be nice every once in a while, it can get boring. For me, after about 2 hours out in the sand, I’m usually in 1 of 3 situations: “Woo! That was fun, now I’m tired. Let’s go back to the hotel.” “Woo! That was fun, now I’m hungry. Let’s go back to the hotel and grab a… View Post