Wonderland in Japan. Spring 2017

Wonderland in Japan. Spring 2017

After years of dreaming of Takeshita Street in Harajuku. Spending countless hours online looking at Lolita fashion and Japanese clothes…THE TIME HAD COME. I found a $500 round-trip ticket from DFW -> NRT around the same exact time the Cherry Blossoms were to bloom. Can you say a dream come true? I immediately jumped on the deal. Did I have a place to stay? No. What about your job? I would figure it out. When ticket prices to Japan average $900+ I just knew that this was meant to be. And what the heck, the deal was so good I bought my mom a ticket! My brother who has lived in Japan for a couple of months back in 2013 decided to come as well. Let me tell you the process I took to plan everything out..

Google Flights <3

Google Flight Example

Google flights, you are a darling. You can search for flights at any location for any given day, down to the specific airline and time of departure/arrival. Initially I set up a tracker to display when ticket prices from DFW to NRT (Narita Airport) would be declining. From there it’s a waiting game and constantly checking your email for flight updates. In the future, I will probably set this up for my other dream destinations so I will get the best ticket prices for the time of the year I want to go.

Where Do I Stay?

Japan AirBNB

I was so hype after I purchased the tickets and it didn’t hit me until days after… where would I stay?? Though an island, Japan is such a gigantic country, with many smaller islands belonging to it. I knew for sure I wanted to travel Tokyo, but I also heard that Kyoto is beautiful, and what about Osaka? This is where the difficulty set in. Fortunately, I was able to obtain a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) so that took some of the stress away for transportation. But what about where I would rest?? AirBnb yo. For real. Airbnb is so great and easy to use. I was able to find two places to stay in Tokyo and Osaka for comparative prices against hotels. As a matter of fact, Hotel prices sky rocketed the weeks we were to be there because of the Sakura Season (Cherry Blossoms!) In total we spent around $1500 for our accommodations. This is A LOT I know and here’s the story about why our Japan Airbnb cost so much.

Kawaii Adventures!

Japan Cherry Blossoms

Once the Airbnb’s were out the way, it was time to figure out what to do. Takeshita Street, Harajuku immediately came to mind. Akihabara from gaming and geeking out. SHIBUYA FOR SHOPPING. I don’t think anyone realizes this, but for petite girls like myself, Asia is like fashion heaven. When I lived in Korea, the clothes fit perfectly, jeans would stop at the perfect height, I wouldn’t drown in skirts and dresses. The same clothes you could dress up to be professional could also be dressed down to be cute and flirty. I would even say Japanese clothes are better quality in terms of fit and selection. This is what I was most excited for. For the trip I made sure these places were on the travel list, and let my mom and brother plan the rest of the sightseeing. Though I won’t be able to see all of Japan within 2 weeks, it gives me all the more reason to travel again!


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