It’s T-2 days until I leave for Thailand! I will only be taking a carry-on suitcase for the next two weeks so packing light is a necessity! Here are some tips for what to pack to Thailand as well as general packing tips!   1. Roll your clothing Clothing takes up the bulk of space in any suitcase, which is why you should practice rolling your clothes to save extra space. I bought these Travel Cubes from Amazon which come with 7 various sized travel cubes. These cubes are a lifesaver. They… View Post

  Thailand Is less than 2 weeks away! With that being said, it never dawned on me what type of shoe (or shoes) I would be bringing to Thailand, until I had a random conversation with a guy in Costco. He said, “Shay let me tell you something, you will be doing a lot of walking in Thailand, I’ve been there several times and you will need comfortable shoes.” I asked, “well, what do you suggest? Just regular tennis shoes, sandals because of the heat?” He shook his head and… View Post

Happy Thursday Ladies and Gents! In addition to my Thailand Fashion Lookbook, I decided to do a Swimwear Lookbook as well! Since I’ll be hitting the beautiful Phi Phi islands, I wanted to show cute, fashionable, and budget-friendly swimwear! Here we gooo! 1. High Cut Off Shoulder Floral Bottom Ruffle Bikini This bikini is my favorite! I am a lady who loves functionality, so the fact that I can wear this top as a regular shirt is EVERYTHING. I love the white, but Lord, I may have to skip wearing… View Post

Guess where I’m going for my 24th birthday? Well, you obviously looked at the title…THAILAND! I’ll be traveling to north Thailand (Chiang Mai to be exact) and then on to the beaches and party place in South Thailand (Phuket) from February 17th-28th. So in total, I’ll be in Thailand for 10 days! I’m super excited to check off a place on my Travel Bucketlist and share the experience with you! For now, here are my budget-friendly OOTDs and my tips for clothing in Southeast Asia! 1. Thailand Weather Weather history has… View Post

I know, I know, it’s been A WHILE since I’ve posted. Life and work has its way of rearing it’s ugly little head in and I tucked this cherished blog into the dark corners of my mind. A couple weeks ago I decided to check Analytics to see if my blog had any traffic. While the data was loading, I said to myself, “I haven’t posted in MONTHS, no one is checking for me or this blog.” BOY WAS I WRONG. I had a significant amount of traffic coming to… View Post